While living in Tampa if I ever had a business meeting or had time to catch up with friends I’d always meet at a new cafe. Recently I have cut down on my spending. Cutting back means less dining at cafes. I absolutely adore the ambiance of a small hidden cafe.

However, just because I don’t go to cafes much doesn’t mean I can’t take the cafe home. As Krissy J, I think I have formed a habit of doing everything with a lavish level of style…even if it means preparing lunch lol. So this week I created two cafe like meals.


For breakfast I created a tropical parfait. Using bananas, papayas, melon, strawberry yogurt and Special K, I layered a yummy breakfast treat.


For lunch I created a chicken salad using a lettuce blend and a can of chicken salad.  I spiced the chicken salad with a table spoon of store bought salsa, teaspoon of olive oil mayo, red pepper flakes and a dash of garlic.  I topped the chicken salad blend with chopped strawberries.  It was scrumptious! 

With both meal I had strawberries on the side.  I purchased them at Publix.  They were so good!

Both recipes were easy and affordable…Who says you can’t bring the cafe home?

Ciao Loves,



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