By Krissy J,

Growing up surrounded by five siblings, it should be no surprise that I adore family gatherings. I remember having the best holiday dinners. It wasn’t just about the food. It was more about having everyone together on one accord. My mother would prepare meals for hours. Summers in the Bronx never missed our backyard barbecues. Oh, the memories!

I guess I’m turning into a young version my mother. I absolutely adore entertaining my friends and family over good laughs and a great meal. My friends tell me “Girl, you are going to be an amazing wife.” I respond that I’m going to continue to be a great hostess. I’m like a little Bevy Smith in the making; quote of Bevy “a dinner should be an extravaganza.” I completely agree.

So. for my last family extravaganza I made a pasta dish. Originally I wanted to make a baked ziti, but after coming home from the grocery store and realizing I didn’t have the ziti noodles I created a ziti like dish with egg noodles.

It tasted just as good as the baked ziti I normally make. I can’t share the recipe with you this time because it’s become a family secret kind of thing. I will give you pictures with some of the main ingredients. Good luck trying lol.

Harsh, I know. But cooking is all about letting your imagination run freely. I let the sounds of jazz while I cook guide me.




Happy cooking! Ciao!


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