The Founders: Kadeem Stephenson and Osiris Pollock

Fit for a King Clothing is the new hottest clothing line out of Miami, Florida. The originators of this innovative line include the duo of childhood friends, Osiris Pollock and Kadeem Stephenson. Both men raised in Miami, these young entrepreneurs wanted to create a line relevant to the streets of Miami and the dreams that lie within them.

With 2012 being the year of change this duo hopes to inspire the younger and adolescent generation of Miami to “think of themselves as Kings and Queens.” With shirts sloganeered with words like “loyalty” there is no doubt that this brand is geared towards giving hope and empowerment to the streets.

Franky Diamonds

We all have talents and dreams and Fit For A King Clothing line brands the daily motivation needed to pursue dreams. Right now the team of kings is working towards gaining international popularity. Until then they are continuously grinding behind the scenes to build and brand their line. Don’t worry ladies; they have gear lined up for the ambitious Queens out there too.

This clothing line is already hot on South Beach. Their exclusive black and gold tank  was seen on Miami knights like Franky Diamonds. For those of you that don’t know, FrankyDiamonds is Miami’s hottest jewelry supplier and has a clientele of artist like Maybach Music Group, Acehood, and Lil’ Scrappy. I am positively sure Fit For A King Clothing will be seen on Miami Heat players as well as hip hop moguls like Rick RossDJ Khaled and Trina; all Miami representatives.

To make purchases and stay informed about this line, including the ambitious Kings behind the line follow: @Fit4aKingClothing on both Twitter and Instagram. They can also be reached via email at

Check out a Special Behind the scenes video of the Kings in action:

I fully support this dope line and wish these young men much success!



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