I seriously contemplated pushing my escapade to New York City back just to shop at Target. I go to Target for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It has to be the most convenient store in the world. I love saving and the clearance items…My GOSH! I could spend my life in Target.

Target has this new amazing thing going on called “The Shops.” Pretty much brands make products exclusively for Target. I am a stickler for at home decor. If I had Oprah money I would probably change my bedroom decor weekly. That would definitely give me the fifty-two yearly visits to Target that my life needs. My favorite shop at Target right now is Patch NYC.

This glorious line has so many vintage inspired and owl decorated items to choose from. I AM OBSESSED WITH OWLS! I love the way owls hoot. Owls symbolically mean wisdom and fact that they can 360 their heads in seconds fascinates me. Owls are just awesome animals. (Disclaimer: Remember, I’m that quirky girl that likes weird yet lavish things.)

Here are my wishlist of items from Patch NYC:

Candle Holder Patch NYC $14.99

Owl Pillow Patch NYC $24.99

Owl Lamp Patch NYC $59.99

Duvet Set Patch NYC starting at $99

As the author of this post I am just stating my opinions about Target merchandise. I am not a marketing representative for Target nor Patch NYC. However if the career is available, I welcome their corporate representatives to contact me.

I would love to be the “Maxxinista” for Target. I guess that would make me a “Target-ista?”

Happy Shopping,










One thought on “Target Wishlist: Patch NYC

  1. Im loving these items. I will be moving soon and need some home decor ideas. keep them coming!!!!!!

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