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As I mature I’m realizing that there will be some people that will support you and some people that won’t.  Reality is there is absolutely nothing wrong with some people not supporting your goals.  Use their spirit of doubt as motivation. Ultimately the life YOU live is for YOU!

Take a moment to envision your life as a vehicle. You are the captain; the driver. Yeah, you want people to coast with you. And sure, you’re going to want a passenger by your side, but sometimes there will be solo joy riding that needs to be done. That time alone in your vehicle is the period that you take to figure out what turns you will need to make or even how to maneuver the wheel. Through your joy riding there will be storms, there might be fog, but eventually the sun comes out; right?

Such is life. We have trials, down days, and then we get it. Eventually, we understand why we turned the way we did or realize what u-turns need to be made. We can’t take back the mileage on our vehicles but we can always fill up the gas tank.

In life you can’t reverse time. You can however correct your mistakes and move forward. You can “fill up your tank” and revitalize your drive to succeed through embracing positivity and an “I CAN” attitude.

I’m loving my twenties. Some days are a bit cloudy but my sun-kissed skin proves that there is always something to smile about. I’m learning to become a fearless driver. You rolling with me?

I’ll leave y’all with this quote sent to me by one of my close friends recently:

Stay in control of where YOUR life is headed and you will always end up in the right place.

Be Fear-less,

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3 thoughts on “Grab The Wheel

  1. Couldn’t have been said any different! So true! And nower days I need this inspiration more than ever! Thanks for this!

  2. Couldn’t have been said any different! This is so true. Nower days I need this inspiration more than ever! Thanks for sharing!!

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