Your Editor: Krissy J At The Bayou

If you are ever in the Fleetwood area of Mount Vernon, New York boy, do I have a treat for you.  My Friday started rather “blah.” I had a terrible toothache which caused me to stay in for most of Friday.

Even though I was suffering from a bad toothache one of my wonderful cousins refused that I stay inside on a Friday night. Besides, I am in New York! She promised that we wouldn’t go too far. Just in case I needed to run home to the pliers. (I seriously did consider removing my tooth on my own, no worries my dentist did yesterday.)

We ventured off to Fleetwood which is about a ten minute drive from my old neighborhood in the Bronx.  I grew up uptown, right next to the last stop on the 5 train. We dined at a Cajun comfort food spot called The Bayou Restaurant. When I say off the chain! I mean off the chain.

The vibe in The Bayou was so cool. I love those quirky hidden gem places to eat.  Upon entrance diners are greeted by an assortment of hanging bras by the bar.  I guess some nights in The Bayou Restaurant have gotten a little crazy. (He he) The dining area is set up to feel as though you’re at your “Southern Aunt Mae’s” house; it’s comfortable.

The food…where do I start? Everything was exceptionally made and served literally right off the griddle.  My cousin and I started with an appetizer of hush puppies. Then we ordered the Mac-and- Cheese which was to die for; amazingly yummy. For the entrée we shared a rack of ribs that came with mash potatoes and a side of rice.

Let’s just say we had lunch for the next day. You really get your money’s worth dinning at The Bayou Resturant. The service was lively and so was the entertainment. Most nights at the Bayou includes live performances. Since we sat by the stage we were serenaded by the band.

Unfortunately after a few apple Martinis (don’t judge, they helped ease my toothache) I don’t remember the name of the band.

Cheers to blissful nights and great food in my hometown. Ahh, I love New York. If you’d like to check out this spot here goes the address:

The Bayou Restaurant
580 Gramatan Avenue 
Mount Vernon, NY  10552

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