Rose colored lips for this post

“Life ain’t a bed of roses.” It’s a cliché quote but it’s also a valid one. We all go through twist, turns, humps and leaps in life…but at the end of the day every obstacle is a strengthening mechanism.

Think about a test.

Prior to taking a test, if you really want to pass you have to prepare. You have to show up to class, you have to take notes, prepare or complete a study guide and you might even have to meet with your instructor for clarity on certain things.

The night before the exam you may stay up all night, get little sleep, communicate sparingly with friends, and do a whole lot of higher power pleading to ace the exam.

On the day of the exam you may be nervous, but you’ll still prepare by having breakfast and glancing over notes. You’ll get to class; the instructor reads their expectations…and BAM! You’re hit with a “do or die” situation.

Similarly to this scenario is our everyday life. We prepare, we might get stuck, we gather knowledge, we ask for help…and then we try. We come to halts, we ace through burdens…and we eventually become more knowledgeable.

Some situations in life may be tough or might seem unbearable, but a great leader once said “through chaos lies opportunity.” I believe everyday is a test to gain strength…the strength we need to say yes to opportunities.

Things may not seem so clear right now, but veer forward knowing that this “test” you’re taking will give you strength, knowledge and wisdom needed to succeed.


A vintage inspired rose pendant necklace I purchased (about a year ago) from TopShop in NYC.

Check out their site for some amazing jewelry.

Let’s gather our roses,


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