Image Source: MTV

Solange, two words “I Die.”  {Rachel Zoe Voice}

I know, I am so dramatic but I love seeing great fashion and listening to amazing music.

Ok, so a little personal, but this song is so on point with my life right now.  Like dart thrown, red dot, aimed on the target; hit.

Another reason why I am in love with this song is because she featured Le Sapeurs in her video.  If you watch the video you’ll take note of the amazingly well dressed individuals.  I learned about these guys a year ago while doing some personal fashion related research.  This group of dandies,” Sapeurs”, are from the Congo in Africa.  Most of those involved are not rich but they have a really strong passion for style. 

You can learn more about them by reading this article from CNN entitled “Dedicated followers of fashion: Congo’s designer dandies” by Mark Tutton.  

Check out this video called: Losing You

Leave comments with opinions on the video.



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