This weekend Miami will be hosting the annual Miami Broward Carnival. I truly wanted to attend this year but I have some business to handle in NY. However, I have to make sure that my friends attending look their best! For everyone that is attending the carnival, or people that just want to represent their love for the Caribbean culture 365 days a year, I have the perfect fashions for you.

Get di short shorts ready and di cut foot pants pressed. Complete your looks with My Island Tees. Straight out of the islands, designers behind this street wear line have crafted pieces suitable for women and men that love the island culture. According to the brand ambassadors “MyIsland is the beauty and integrity born from sun and sea breeze, a culture of people who understand the importance of culture, wearing it figuratively as a sign of pride.” The brand is already an international hit throughout the Caribbean, Canada and the U.S. The designs, the colors, the fabric, everything invested in this line is branded towards one slogan “Culture Is Everything.”

It’s hard to select, but my favorite shirt by My Island Tees says “I Love Soca, Rum, and Wine.” This top comes both in a t- shirt and tank options. There is also a shirt custom made for reggae lovers with homage paid to greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Gregory Isaacs.

My Island Tees is the best line out for the Caribbean massive. As a gift to you until October 15th there will be a 30 % discount. Visit and just use the code MYISLAND30 at checkout. Also, be on the lookout for new stirred up styles.

For those attending the Miami Broward Carnival

send me your pictures

and see you could see your face on

SideNote: This song NEVER gets old! I could hear it in church and start to wine! Blame the Jamaican in me!

One Love,


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