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The grind does not stop for these young kings. Last month I introduced the Fit For A King brand to you. This group of ambitious young men have gone above and beyond to bring a positive twist to street and urban wear.

A week has past since the design group dropped a new batch of exclusive products. These limited edition pieces are causing a heat wave within the streets of Miami and most of the merchandise is already sold out. Once they are gone they’re gone!

Ladies, fear not. Fit For A King has made it loud and clear that they are building an empire, thus they have not forgotten about us. For the queens they released a tank with a dash of pink. In the name of fashion a dash of pink in your wardrobe is staple in respects to October’s theme of breast cancer awareness.

If you’re a trendsetter and would like to be as fashionable as your favorite southern bred athletes and musicians email NOW!

The Ladies Tank

The Male Sweatshirts (Unisex)

To make purchases and stay informed about this line, including the ambitious Kings behind the line follow: @fak_clothing on twitter and look for Fit4aKingClothing on Instagram. They can also be reached via email at

Like it? Love it? Fit For A King loves feedback. Comment Below.


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