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Answer: It’s simple. Avoid it!!!

In a world of so many personality types it’s obvious that you may find yourself in a situation where your ideas clash with another individual. While in a dispute, we quickly begin to judge a person based on stereotypes [studies] pertaining to their astrological sign. (For ex: “Oh girl, she is a cancer, she is cranky”…or “He is a Libra; he is passive,” Virgo= Analyst, Leo= Egotistical etc.) Or we judge people psychologically based on what some old guys said 200 years ago.

I have a simpler break down of how to handle a triggered titan. We have good days, and we have bad days. Maybe this person is simply having a bad day and wants to ventilate on you.

Not fair? Well I’m sure you’ll have your debbie downer days too. It is h-u-m-a-n. Sometimes you can avoid a confrontation with someone by realizing that they may be having a bad day or by simply walking away.

Obviously, this approach is subjective. There are some situations where two people with clashed personalities or opinions might have to hash things out in an amplified battle. My suggestion is to choose your battles wisely. Don’t be passive, but sometimes it’s okay to simply tell your “rival” these words, ” I do not have the time.” Not all arguments need to be entertained by a response.

This approach and mentality has saved both myself and my sanity in so many situations. Walking away from a confrontation to some may be deemed as a sign of weakness; in actually it’s a signal of strength.

Now, may peace be with you all 🙂

***Just want to reiterate that the advice provided in this post is subjective. Handle your confrontations the way you see fit. This opinion often works in MY favor.***

How do you handle confrontations?

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