I have an amazing best friend! Being that I haven’t lived in NYC for few years she’s my guide to everything hot in the city. One past Saturday we made our way down to Union Square. If you have yet to visit NYC you have to add this side of the city to your stay.

Aside from being around the New York University students, there are so many cool little shops…and my favorite cafes and lounges. Whatever it is you’re in the mood for trust that there is a taste for your tongue in that district of the city.

My BFF introduced me to SPICE. It’s a Thai restaurant with amazing meals for just a few dollars. I was a little apprehensive because I heard Thai food can be spicy, hence the name of the restaurant.

Nonetheless, my frozen mango daiquiri complemented my selection of lemongrass chicken breast.  It was served with a bed of jasmine rice and veggies. Prior to that we had their amazing Spice Thai dumplings. We skipped dessert and toasted over lychee margaritas that were amazingly tasty!

If you are I visiting the New York area there are a couple Spice locations throughout the city. It’s a great spot for meet and greets too. Check it out.

Spice Thai, NYC (Union Square)
39 E 13th St  New York, NY 10003
(212) 982-3758

Bon Appetit,


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