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One thing that I have incorporated into my success journey is starting my day with motivation.  Whether it’s flipping through Psalms or watching an inspirational video, I feel like the first thing heard or read in the morning tremendously can impact my day.

Today, I had the privilege to start my day off with Oprah’s Life-class featuring Joel Osteen.  I am a big fan of his life coaching.  It is very motivational. There are a few pointers from Osteen that I wanted to share with my readers for this week’s empowerment post.

1) Dream BIG

My Tip: If you want greatness believe you deserve it. Speak it into existence and seek to be better. As Joel stated; “Pray boldly.”

2) Believe ALL things are possible

My Tip: Set your goals sky high and work hard towards checking off your goals. Embrace an “I CAN” mentality.  If you need help with that read one of my older empowerment journals here.


My Tip: As Oprah pointed out, “We are a fame based culture, but not everyone will be famous.”  Sure you want fancy things and hey, I do too.  However, if you focus on what you do not  have it can distract you from receiving a blessing.  Eventually, what you hope for can be attained. You have to WORK for it.
With all of this great advice from two of the world most inspirational figures it should be no surprise that I am incorporating these tips into my success journey.  Along with you, I am going to practice what I’m preaching and strive to greatness.

In what ways are you working to become a better, more successful, and motivated version of yourself? Lets chat!  Leave your comment below.

Be empowered,


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