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Over the years the desire to give to others became natural for me.  I’ve always been an appreciative person; and I still am.  Since I don’t have younger siblings I often gave friends or peers the kind of support I receive from my immediate family.  (By “giving” I mean anything from financial support if I can, being a listening ear, or simply making time.)

I often gave without seeking anything in return.  Until…I realized some people will take advantage of my free will to give.

I’m not a “Scrooge” now. I’m just more aware.  Some people are “givers” others are “takers.”  There is nothing wrong with being on either side. However, there can be an issue if you are not aware.  Some people naturally will take because they were never given.  Others naturally give because they have it in their hearts to do so.

My advice is: balance.  If you notice you are always giving to a person and it is starting to become an issue, you MUST discuss it with that person.  Avoiding the possible confrontation may cause a terrible conflict in the future.  If you are a taker, don’t forget to offer a helping hand every now and then.  It doesn’t have to be monetarily, it can just be an act of kindness or by being a sincere listening ear every now and then.

For the sake of length, I will end this post here.  The best advice I can leave is to analyze your relationships and see where you might fall.  If you’re balanced; great! If not then see what you can change.  Also, you have to realize like I did that some people might not change right away.  It’s really up to you to maneuver the give and take relationship.  That my friends…is the only way to create the balance.

Peace and Love,


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