Angela Simmons at the AngelaIAM Launch Source: Instagram
Angela Simmons at the AngelaIAM Launch
Source: Instagram @AngelaSimmons

From creating a sweet brand of sneakers with her sister, to hosting BET’s hit daily music show 106 and Park, Angela Simmons is taking over in both the media and fashion market. Known for her witty and positive persona, we have watched her grow from a budding business owner to a mogul.  

With sovereigns such as her father, Rev. Run and her Uncle Russell Simmons, it’s no surprise that this Hip-Hop princess is motivated to succeed.  No need to use Daddy and Uncle Russ. as a reference, Angela Simmons is a reputable brand ambassador.  

Her site, coined as “The Fashion Yard,” is a world in its own.  You can stay up to date with Angela’s daily life, Instagram & Twitter feeds, her style diary, and my favorite her online clothing store.

Ladies, the shop section of her site carries fabulous hand bags, gorgeous shoes, and couture style clothing.  Angela supplies it all. You can even purchase top quality hair extensions. Yes divas, you can buy your weave on her site! Mmm-kay!

Angela’s shop is a one stop online location for a complete head-to-toe look. The good news is there are some items on the site that are amazingly affordable.  

She even has a great selection of designer wear for men. On her Instagram, @AngelaSimmons, she shared the excitement about the support showcased at the eCommerce launch party that took place this past Wednesday in New York City

For the divas on a budget here are some of my favorite fashion items under $30.  





Selected Images: Courtesy of KJSigns

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