Daniel Maree Image Source: Google Images
Daniel Maree
Image Source: Google Images

Last night VH1 viewers had the opportunity to watch the Do Something Awards show.  This two-hour special, hosted by Sophia Bush, honored both celebrities and non-celebrities that place efforts into creating social change.  Some of the celebrities honored included Jennifer Hudson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Kelly Osbourne. Lyricist J. Cole, also an agent for social change, graced the stage with his single “Crooked Smile.”

Of the five contestants one that really stood out was Daniel Maree.  Maree, at just twenty-five years old started a national movement using social media. Maree was a victim of racial profiling in his very own Florida neighborhood.  Consequently, with the wrongful death of Trayvon Martin, Maree thought to himself that something has to be changed. 

He began the Million Hoodies Movement, “a movement for justice,”  with the use of technology.  Utilizing social media as a platform, Maree gained followers which included a petition housing two million signatures.  The signed petition led to the arrest of Trayvon’s murderer, George Zimmerman. 

Upon accepting his award Maree passionately stated “gun violence and racial profiling needs to come to an end.”

Young Trayvon Martin with Tracy Martin (Father) Image Source: Newsone
Young Trayvon Martin with Tracy Martin (Father)
Image Source: Newsone

With technology as a forefront for today’s society, social change can start with a Twitter post.  “You have the power to start a revolution in your hand,” stated Sophia Bush. A small action can become a big leap to a brighter world. 

Daniel Maree was the winner of the $100,000 grand prize towards his social change movement.  To be enlightened about Maree’s Million Hoodies Movement visit Mhoodies.org



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