So a lot has changed. I now live in Miami,Florida. I took this picture in the Wynwood area. I am unsure of the artist that illustrated the masterpiece behind me but I feel like she is representative of my youth. She’s saying “Don’t let me down; live your dreams.” Email me if you know the artist!

It finally hit me…Life is what you make it. There is no other way to put it. There is no guru to bring forth your desires. As helpful as they may be, all of the life coaches in the world cannot gift you with your destiny. There is no magic ball to answer the questions of your existence.


The question is do you want them to? Do you want to be successful and live the life of YOUR dreams?

Truth: For a while, my dreams scared me. They still do. The goals I have seem way to grand to achieve. How’s a girl from the Bronx, New York, born at a city hospital around Fordham Road supposed to “make it?” What makes me different from every other person from The Bronx? These questions allowed my fears to outweigh my destiny.

Fear is crippling. It places you in a box that sometimes is hard to climb out of. As a result of my fears, there are some consequences that I have to live with. The good thing is that through this process of fear, I acknowledge my strength.

I acknowledge that there is a source of power within me that allows me to keep going, keep pushing, and to never give up. “With God all things are possible.” I believe it. I know the lifestyle I desire, the romantic relationship I desire, the career I desire, the friendships I need in my life etc. I acknowledge these things and the importance of each to my personal joy.

I also understand that some decisions, as outlandish as they might be are helping to mold me into a better version of myself. I am learning to become confident about what I want.

My youth depends on me. Within this “home” or this body that I was gifted lay a fervent curious little girl that loves adventure. She loves to write, she loves art and as awkwardly introverted as she may seem she loves meeting people. It adds character to her storybook (life).

I am thankful for the reality check that honestly hit me while walking home and listening to “Fire Squad” from J.Cole’s latest album Forest Hills Drive. He says:

 One day you’ll have to decide who you gon’ be…a scary [person] or a [person] that’s gon’ rule like me – J.Cole

…and it hit me…I WANT TO RULE.

Join me as I step into this journey of living up to my fullest potential.

What a way to return, huh? I hope my words bring you divine peace.

Love always,



4 thoughts on “When Life Hits The Fan

  1. I love this! Its so inspiring. I think we forget how important it really is to be confident about what we want. When doubt creeps in we really become our worst enemy. We use doubt as motivation to compromise our desires and as justification for why we aren’t staying true to who we are and going after our dreams/goals. Glad to see you’re doing well and look forward to reading about your progress. Best wishes, the world is yours.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out! Confidence is the door to the greatness within each of us! I wish you well in all of your endeavors too 🙂

  2. Lovely Krissy, I can relate. Keep doing what makes you happy. As always, its a pleasure reading your blogs.

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