Elsie at the Chicago Conservatory

Last August, I traveled to Chicago, Illinois to spend some time with my dear friend Elsie. Elsie and I met in 2006. We both moved from New York City to Central Florida.

To this day, we still joke about her being a girl from Brooklyn, and me a gal from the Bronx, who ended up in a small town in Central Florida the same week.  It was a tough transition. Clearly, the heavens aligned for us to meet and become Sister-friends. Or maybe in our past life experience we promised each other that we’d become “The Pinky and The Brain” of this lifetime.

Whatever the case, even though she now lives in Chicago, we both appreciate our small town Florida experiences. Growing up in New York helps you to see the world through a different lens.  You’re a little more hip and naturally a bit more conscious about the world around you. So, when you meet a friend that you can share truthful chats with, it’s a great feeling. We have always been thankful about the stories that we can share together and even now we call each other “Sista.”

While on my voyage to Chicago, we sipped her exclusive tea blends, caught up on art culture, and watched some pretty cool culturati videos online. I really appreciated catching up on some fun sites that I used to peruse from time to time. Although this makes nine years blogging, I have taken a few breaks in between from writing and reading other blogs.

One site that I enjoy watching videos on is StyleLikeU., showcases various videos about style, empowerment, and the beauty of being a woman. Today on some downtime, I watched “My Way or The Highway” which featured Betsey Johnson.

I absolutely adore Betsey Johnson because she promotes authenticity. There is nothing more wonderful than being your true self.  I appreciate people who honor their talents and live in truth of who they are.

ME at the Chicago Conservatory

I tend to surround myself with artist–people who love what they do and do what they love. In my circle of friends, we all support creativity, individuality, and originality.  My friends and I promote child-like wonder in our art forms. There is absolutely nothing more freeing than being able to be yourself around those you love.

Watching this video of Betsey Johnson was refreshing and I plan to share it with all of my friends because it proves that being your true self will get you far in life.  Of course, in all things there are challenges, but at the end of the day, if you live in truth of who you are, you will smile a little bigger and your talents will shine much brighter.

To all of my creative friends, this post is for you. May we continue to live in the truth of our artful talents.

Love you all,

Krissy J

Check out this exclusive StyleLikeU video below:


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