FullSizeRender-1I haven’t dined inside of a McDonald’s restaurant since I lived in the Bronx, New York. In High School, we were allowed to leave the school on our lunch break so the Jerome Avenue McDonald’s was “popping.” A majority of my friends and I were students in the MACY Honors and Gifted program. Most of us had full class schedules including extracurricular activities. The hour break from the pale blue crackled walls of our High School was sacred for us. We absolutely enjoyed those adventures.

Yesterday, I went to McDonald’s with my brother and nephew. On this particular McDonald’s outing, we took a seat by two women who were communicating through American Sign Language. I took American Sign Language in college and quickly learned how much I forgot the art behind it. Comparable to learning anything new, you have to continue practicing to keep up.

One of the women were hearing impaired and the other deaf. Naturally, my brother is a great communicator so it was easy for him to strike a conversation with the women. They were really cool about conversing with us. In the short time talking with both individuals, we learned about the deaf culture and all that Central Florida has to offer the deaf community.

I especially enjoyed speaking with the women because they were humble. They both are currently seeking employment and they both aspire to succeed. One of the women said “my life is no different from anyone else’s, I am hoping for better and we are living in hard times.” Like many Americans, both ladies are having a difficult time finding employment. Aside from the limited employment options for the deaf or hearing impaired, they both faced discrimination in their search due to their impairments.

After speaking to the ladies, I felt humbled and so very grateful for life. I realized how easy it is for those of us without an impairment to overlook how difficult everyday life experiences may be for someone with one. I thanked God for granting me the ability to use all of my senses. I also thanked God for allowing me to connect with others. Even a simple McDonald’s outing can become an adventure. 🙂

In a technology driven world, it’s so refreshing to be able to communicate and connect with others. You never know what you’ll learn about a person’s life story or how beautiful of a conversation you can have. There is inspiration all around us. More than anything people want to be understood and accepted for who they are.

My challenge for you is to go out and meet someone new. Strike a conversation. There’s so much life happening outside of the digital world.

Go for it… meet someone new today!

Shared in Love,
Krissy J

Note: While I would love to be, I am in no way sponsored by McDonald’s. I am simply sharing a real life experience with the hope of inspiring someone through my writing .


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