I was not going to go. Everything that could be a reason, in my mind, gave me a reason not to attend Orlando’s biggest reunion. What should I wear? How do I introduce myself? What if I run into someone and they ask; what are you doing back in Orlando?

My desire to attend the reunion was quenched by a bottle full of False Evidence Appearing Real — FEAR! While the excuses filled my mind, I texted my cousin and said, “Girl, it cost twenty dollars to park, I have bills to pay, and as much as I want to go, I don’t think I will attend.”

Yes, the writer who brings you influential post on following your dreams with passion, was afraid to attend the annual 2015 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Less than 20 minutes away from my home, media entrepreneur Tom Joyner gathered influential media mavens, today’s top celebrities, entertainers, and creatives of every sort, to showcase a weekend full of inspiration and fun for an international crowd.

While doubts bombarded my mind, a conscious whisper to my heart said, “Go to the reunion. You will gain more than you can lose.” So with the gentle force of that whisper, I got dressed and headed towards my destiny.

Guest this year included cast members from shows like Blackish and Living SingleAfroFunkymama showed the crowd how to groove and get physically fit. Yolanda Adams, Jazmine Sullivan, and Kirk Franklin sang to the souls of the crowd. Several vendors, writers, and directors were also in this year’s line up of guest.

My favorite experience this weekend was attending writing workshops headlined by Bentley Kyle Evans and Stacey Lyn Evans. You know the black sitcoms and films that we all love like Martin, The Parkers, Meet The Browns, The Jamie Foxx Show, and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate? Well, this brother and sister duo-dynamo both created and helped bring these shows to life.

Along with @AbstractCreates, who invited me to the Tom Joyner Reunion, I had the privilege to sit in on two valuable workshops that practically rekindled my long time love affair with writing. As a gift to my readers, I would like to share three valuable points from Bentley and Stacey:

  • “Believe in YOUR vision!”
  • “Hard work is NEVER done in vain.”
  • “Do NOT wait for anyone to tell you YES or NO!”

The training I gathered from the Evans’ was invaluable. While these tips are self explanatory, they also come with a great deal of sacrifice. In order to succeed, you have to be HUNGRY, you have to stay hydrated on MOTIVATION, and you have to ACT as though fears do not exist. YOU have to believe in YOU! Cultivate your thoughts into a champion’s mindset and rid your mind of excuses. This process takes a lot of practice and courage.

As I reflect on the value of this weekend, it would have been more expensive for me not to attend The Tom Joyner Family Reunion. I am truly humbled by the experience. I met so many influential people. The worth of the reunion, was more valuable than the five-figure price-tag of my first semester of graduate school. Who would have thought, less than 10 miles from my house, I’d connect with success and be more motivated than ever to continue writing.

Oh, and guess what? My twenty dollar parking fee was complimentary. Talk about divine alignment and favor 🙂

Your Goal This Week: Listen to the whispers of faith… No excuses! That my friends, along with tips from the Evans’ family is what will drive you to success! As always…Be Your Best!

Shared in Love,

Krissy Johnson



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