Image Source: @StyleLikeU via Instagram

On Saturday evening, I gathered with beautiful souls to celebrate both life and story. It was my most memorable Earth Day and I’d even go as far to say my day was “pretty lit.” Lit with feel good energy, that is.

Blissful opened hearts tuned into what seemed surreal; the StyleLikeU New York City Open Call. The platform has been a go to source of inspiration for me in times of need for almost a decade.

Started by the mother-daughter duo, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, together they promote the mantra “true style is what’s underneath.” In essence, they spread the idea that it is our soul and spirit that make each one of us beautiful.

As each individual shared their story, while sitting on a stool, they would remove an item of clothing or jewelry which symbolized the unveiling their truest self. Each participant ended their story dressed only in undergarments and answered the infamous question from Mother Elisa, “Why is in your body a good place to be?”

All of the attendees including myself were familiar with this form of activism through watching the YouTube videos. However, watching the stories unfold live was nourishing in the sense that these conversations were organic, unscripted, and authentic. Something very hard to find in today’s society of perfection.

StyleLikeUKrisJohnsonI watched flowers bloom in truth right in front of my eyes. I watched women blossom in liberation. After experiencing a live open call, I am in full gratitude to experience this form of social change.

Upon meeting Elisa and Lily all I could say is “I love you both and thank you.” Along with the team, Elisa and Lily are truly light workers passionate about their work.

My mother always say’s “we all have a story. We all can write a book. When we share stories we help each other.” Even though I did not share my own story, I felt lighter listening to the stories of other women.

My prayer on my journey in New York is to continuously be guided to beauty found through the concrete.

Sending Love and Beautiful Energy to you all,

Kris Johnson

TrueStyle1KrisJohnsonP.S. In Honor of World Book Day, hop on over to StylelikeU.com and purchase your copy of their new book: True Style is What’s Underneath: The Self-Acceptance Revolution. I purchased mine last night. My Sunday afternoon consisted of cooking dinner and reading in between. The book is filled with pictures and heartfelt wisdom from people from all over the world. Click the picture of the book to buy directly from amazon. xo


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