KrisJohnsonSuccess1This weekend women from all walks of life gathered for Orlando’s biggest success conference. The Women Success Conference was a 3-day jump-start for individuals seeking increase in business. Founded by Dr. Stacia Pierce, a life-coach located in Orlando, Florida with a worldwide reach, along with her daughter Ariana Pierce, a marketing maven and entrepreneur, attendees learned so much insightful information about business.


The headlining questions of the weekend was:

What exactly is “increase” and how can I have it?

Increase is the desire to have more success. Increase can include anything from gaining more clients in your business, acquiring the support of your local community, or increasing the sales in your business. Ultimately increase leads to more money! And who doesn’t want more money?

Here are three lessons I learned from Ariana and Dr. Stacia to start making money in business:



  • Script Your Life

How do you want your business to look? What do you hope to gain? Who do you want to help?

Image Source: Ariana’s Instagram

These are all things you need to know in order to start a business. Writing it down makes it real. Scripting how you want your increase to flow is imperative. Dr. Stacia and Ariana have created success journals that help with “scripting your life” and gaining the increase you want. I heard so many testimonials from people that are writing in the success journals and making their goals a reality.




  • Marketing Matters



If you aren’t on some sort of social media these days, you’re kind of irrelevant in business. Ouch! While that might sting, it is factual. People live on their phones. People are buying, building, and making money on their phone. I haven’t been to an event where someone hasn’t asked for my twitter or Instagram name.

Ariana gave all attendees gems for staying relevant in business online. I’ll give you one gem: If you aren’t on a social media platform, go make one…Like NOW! Start with one and be consistent. It could lead to increase which leads to MONEY!


  • Get A Coach

AffirmStaciaStarting a business can be a lot of work. If you don’t have a mentor to help guide you, your business can fail. This weekend so many people shared testimonies about how the guidance of Dr. Stacia and Ariana has increased their network and net worth.

One individual shared how his increase has skyrocketed to a half million-dollar salary as well as TV time on the Dr. Oz show. Yes, men are apart of the Success movement too! Through Dr. Stacia and Ariana’s Success Mastery Program people of all backgrounds and ages are gaining increase in a great way.

Me and my swag bag filled with goodies

I left the conference feeling ready to take over the world! I am so thankful for my invitation to the conference. I hope the lessons I have shared with you inspires you to attend the Success Conference in your area.

Head over to to find the date of the Women Success Conference near you.

Much Success,

Kris Johnson


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