If you’ve been on any form of social media today you know it’s a special day. Everyone is dressed up in hues of pink and red. Fake couples got back together, loving couples are loving on each other more, and single folk are keeping themselves motivated with likes from selfies.

Even Kanye West surprised his followers on Instagram today by posting pictures of his favorite couples underneath the title “Happy Valentine’s Day Babe.” The photo collective is a gallery dedicated to Kim. If I made an archive of favorite couples Kim and Kanye would definitely be on my list. I love them together.



The pictorial list included classic couples like Michael  Jackson and Brooke Shields, Diddy and J. Lo, Aaliyah and Tupac, Michelle and Barack Obama, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Kanye tends to disappear and reappear on social media. Don’t be surprised if the photos are gone by mid-night. I honestly think he makes these archives for himself.

Speaking of self, I think today is a great day for single folk to be a little selfish. Valentine’s Day is honestly just another day for me. While I am currently floating on a solo cloud I did take some time out of the day to do things that I love. Translation, I am single AF, cool with it, and having another fabulous day. The End!

No really– it’s a wild thing to know that in the middle of February billions of dollars are spent on roses, balloons, dinners, and condoms. Businesses really capitalize on Valentine’s Day. I went to a grocery store that had steak cut in the shape of a heart. The funniest thing I’ve read so far is a meme going around that states “Please, wear condoms today because the world doesn’t need anymore Scorpios.”

I am a Libra on the Scorpio cusp so I dare not have any snide remarks. I will say I’ve encountered a Scorpio man and it didn’t work out. I am a bit delicate for the intensity of a Scorpio man…or perhaps he just wasn’t the one. I digress.

So here is how I spent my fabulous day:

  • I got dressed up in my favorite Riviera Tavi Dress from All Saints . The Tavi is an All Saints staple. This is honestly my go to. I wear it for events when I need something last minute and don’t know what to wear. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s in great condition. Rocking something you love is the best way to feel amazing on any day.All Saints Riviera Tavi Dress


  • I went to my favorite shop. I absolutely love teas, earth crystals, and flowers. Gypsy Apothecary Herb & Metaphysical Shoppe in Orlando has amazing products. I bought myself this Tiger’s Eye Peace Necklace. I absolutely love it.Tiger's Eye Peace Necklace
  • I spent time doing what I love most. I wrote. I absolutely love writing. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch creatively, but writing is honestly the one thing that I can jump back into with all the confidence in the world. It’s my favorite art form.
  • I listened to Kanye. Kanye’s music not only motivates me, but I honestly truly transform into what I feel like is a powerful woman. I really cannot listen to the Yeezus album  without creating something. He said he creates his music for other creatives. I think Kanye would be proud reading this.

So what’s on your Guide To the Best Valentine’s Day Ever? I’d love to know.

P.S. Always remember true love starts with Self- Love. So, regardless of what day it is, love yo’ self and treat yo’ self! xo

Shared in Love,

Kriss ❤️


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