You my dear…

are a beam of light,

the glow of the moon,

a ray of the sun..

On this first Monday in the Month of March 2018, I commend you for allowing yourself to show up, allowing yourself to keep going, and allowing yourself to continue the journey.

It may not always be easy, but it is SO worth it.

Allow this Women’s History Month, and every month, for the rest of your days, to be a sign of victory. BE gentle to the container that carries your soul. Be humble in thought. Allow yourself to breathe in and exhale your wildest dreams. Hold fast to the truth that with God all things are possible. I clap for you, I hug you, I honor you, and I love you.

Thank you.




Sometimes the only voice you need to hear is your own. As women, especially with the influence of the celebrity “perfection”, we often forget to compliment ourselves. It’s so easy to pick out the things we do not like about our body, hair, smile, or even our clothes. We forget to take time — just to take time.

The “art of being” becomes a misconception of “not doing enough.” I know, for me at least, I can be so very hard on myself. I am a goal oriented, driven person, running on a New York City stamina 24/7. I want to make my family happy. I want to make myself happy. Yet, when I think about what brings me happiness, it’s not so much the doing.

I am happy with “the memory of.” Reflection allows me to revel on the fact that I often times just need to chill out. I’m learning how to allow things to fall into place — as they will and should.

I took this picture in Miami just a day before my grandmother of 93 years passed away. It was one of those days where I allowed myself to just be. Now, just a few months later, when I look at this picture, I feel so much gratitude. The powerful mural was created by Kevin Ledo and can be found in Wynwood.

Kris in Miami, Florida 2017.

These women represent my ancestors–strong women who spent their morning praising in gratitude for the gift of life. Can you imagine reflecting on your life 93 years later only to see how much time you wasted doubting yourself, comparing your life to celebrities, or simply not being thankful for all you have?

My grandmother was the most modest and meek woman I have ever met. She didn’t want much, or need much, but she had much because she practiced gratitude. She set a legacy of love for the entire family. If you are aware of biblical prose, you know the verse “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).” My grandmother did just that!

Today, I take time to marvel at the gift of life, the legacy set by those before me, and the grandeur of being a woman.

Happy Women’s History Month Ladies!!

My challenge to you:

Write yourself a note of appreciation for allowing yourself to come this far. Your legacy followers will appreciate it in the years to come.  Feel free to share it with me 🙂

P.S. I have motivational interviews all month from some super cool female entrepreneurs!

Shared In Love,



One thought on “Dear Woman: A Letter to Self.

  1. I like the writing style… keep it going… when is the book coming out… need my autographed copy…! 👍🙏🏾

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