When it comes to accomplishing goals in life there are simply no excuses. This triple threat juggles three worlds by serving in the military, servicing as business owner, and lovingly spending time with her son. Luz Garcia, of the Bronx, New York is proving to the world that women are undeniably powerful.

Luz made the decision to join the United States Air Force during senior year of college. In addition to making a difference in the world and her community, she also makes time fit in her passion of event planning & photography through her super cool Selfie Booth Business.

We sat with Luz to learn how to get our life in order, jump into entrepreneurship, and still have time to fit in the fun. It’s Women’s History Month and she shared how dedication and diligence is the key to finding your inner strength.


Luz Garcia

Name: Luz Garcia

Location: Bronx, NY

Current Occupation: Emergency Preparedness Instructor/Equal Opportunity Director/Drug Testing Program Manager/ L & A Selfies, LLC business owner

Kristen: I cannot go a day without…

Luz: Coffee

Kristen: The best place on Earth you’ve traveled to…

Luz: The Bahamas

Kristen: When did you realize that you were interested in joining the military?

Luz: In my senior year of college after speaking with friends who were already serving.

Kristen: How has being in the military shaped your life?

Luz: Being in the military granted me the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and travel. It taught me discipline, hard work, sacrifice, values, and integrity. I also have a heart to serve a nation and protect those who I do not know.

Kristen: There is often a misconception that being in the military, especially for a woman is dangerous, what is your opinion on that?

Luz: Being in the military is just being part of an organization. There is always a misconception when it comes to the differences between genders and possible inequality. I don’t see danger in being part of the military because the military has exposed me to different people, environments, and situations. The military has taught me how to stand on my own 2 feet and give my all for those who I love. The military has given me strength–it’s a part of me.

Kristen: What allows you to stay motivated?

Luz: My son, my mother, all of those who have helped me along the way. Also, the fact that I do something to help others as part of giving back. I’m making a difference in the world.

Kristen: In your opinion what is your best accomplishment to date?

Luz: Becoming a business owner

Kristen: Why did you venture into entrepreneurship?

Luz: I wanted to explore my passion for event planning and photography.

Kristen: What kind of business do you operate?

Luz: I have an Open Air Photo Booth rental business called L & A Selfies

Kristen: What makes your business unique?

Luz: My selfie station is not an ordinary photo booth and the features appeal to all ages.

Luz Garcia

Kristen: Are there any sacrifices you have had to make in business?

Luz: Chasing a dream demands investment and time on your part, therefore you have to be willing to take a risk without knowing the outcome.

Kristen: Best advice you have for folks considering military or starting a business?

Luz: The military will open doors to so much more than you could possibly think of. It allows both personal and professional development. If you want to start a business, make sure your heart is in it. It will challenge you…your education…your background…your attitude and professionalism. Make sure you want it bad enough to sacrifice time, money– and sleep! (lol)

Kristen: What’s a fun fact we don’t know about you?

Luz: I’m the only military member in my family.

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