We are less than a week away from entering the Spring season and girls & guys alike are looking for tips on how to stay up to date with their beauty routines. Tri-State area makeup artist, Amber Williams, is making sure that her clients are looking and feeling their best.

Amber had a knack for art as a child and now works with the human body as her canvas. She does amazing body art and is keeping our highlights and contours intact for everyday wear. Whether  for the runway, a special event like a wedding, prom, or date night, Amber sat with us to share her story and give us makeup tips for Spring.

Check out Her Topic below. This beauty maven’s topic is all about MAKEUP!

amber8.jpgName: Amber Williams

Location: New Jersey

Social Media: Ambbssssssssmua

Kristen: Denim or lace?

Amber: Denim, for sure!

Kristen: What is your favorite thing ever right now?

Amber: I’m really into color right now, so I’m trying to use it in many ways– with my art and clothes!

Kristen: So tell us, what’s your artistry all about and what do you do?

Amber: I am a makeup artist and body painter. What I like most is the control and freedom to create energy or emotion with color and textures. I’m really into experimenting with different supplies to create new looks. I love when people have to look twice at my work.

Kristen: Did you always want to be an artist?

Amber: Yes! Even now though I still feel like I’m finding my style. I have so many different visuals and I like to let them guide me through my canvas. Art is a journey– a process.

Kristen: Gloss or Matte?

Amber: Gloss

Kristen: Favorite Quote?

Amber:Amber Quote

Kristen: A make-up “no-no” I often see is?

Amber: The neck and face should be the same tones. When I see an orange jaw line and a pale neck, I’m like lawddddddd! (laughs)

Kristen: With so much competition in the industry what allows you to keep going?

Amber: My diversity. I can do hair, makeup & body painting. I’m very versatile and I’m able to utilize all of my talent.

Kristen: How do you consistently find clients/projects?

Amber: I go to places in the city and network like twice a week. With each project I do, people reach out to me wanting to do more collaborations. So it becomes a cycle.


Kristen: Favorite project you’ve worked on to date?

Amber: I really liked the “Cool Kids Never Die” project. It was edgy and really fun.

Kristen: Spring is all about?

Amber: Gloss, soft blushes, bright colors, and big lashes!!

Kristen: Sneakers or Stilettos?

Amber: Sneakers, I’m such a tomboy.

Kristen: Let’s say we have a romantic date tonight, what three products should to be in our purse?

Amber: Altoids, Lipstick, and Mascara!

Kristen: What are you looking forward to the most this year?

Amber: I am starting up my YouTube and Vlog. It’s gonna be epic.

Kristen: Best advice you have for upcoming makeup artist?

Amber: Get some friends and do their makeup. Make sure to get good photos and then start building a portfolio. Start networking and going to different events. The more you go out…the more people you’ll meet! Then you can start building a clientele. Also, wherever you go make sure your face looks best! A good face will impress people. That’s truly an important factor to makeup artistry.

Kristen: Are you accepting new clients? How can we book you?

Amber: I’m always accepting clients and can be booked via email: awilliams1193@gmail.com

Be Sure to stay  updated with Amber by clicking any of the images. She shares her work, collaborations as featured in this interview, and happenings via Instagram!



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