Apparently there is an international day for everything you can think of. Today is International Day of Happiness and also the first day of the Spring season. I am feeling really joyful about the Spring season. There is a newness in the air.

I’m currently in Orlando, Florida and if I could describe the atmosphere in one word it would have to be “fresh.” There is a subtle freshness in the air that makes me know deep down inside that great things are on the horizon. The winter season was pretty rough…for me at least. The New Year started with an undesirable bang, but yesterday Mother Nature literally washed Winter away with rain. I appreciate the rain– it’s cleansing and it lets me know the flowers are about to bloom.

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers that come with the Spring Season? I know I do! I love the flowers, seasonal fruits, the weather, and spring fashion. As an ode to the new season, I’d like to give myself a fresh start by incorporating three things that keep my happiness going.


  • Spending Time With Friends

For the most part, I am a person that really enjoys my own company. I think as the youngest child I learned how to entertain myself at a young age. It’s kind of embedded into me to be imaginative. I can have a really great day by just finding a good book to read or exploring somewhere new solo. I am the girl who will check out a new restaurant by myself but…FRIENDS MATTER. Good conversation or quality time with a friend literally boost emotional, mental, and psychical health. I really enjoy laughing or just being silly with a trusted friend. When I took these pictures, I literally spent the day with my best friend. We went to the park and uplifted each other to work towards our dreams. We took pictures and had a whole lot of laughing! It was a great day.


  • Eating Well

So, before Beyonce announced that she was going to go vegan this month, I decided to invest into my health. My March goal is to be plant based. So far it’s going amazingly well and I may stick with it past March. My best friend is vegan so we’ve had a great time finding new places to dine at in Orlando. This nacho dish is from The Sanctum Cafe– a vegan restaurant in Orlando. Can I just say my taste buds were all the way turnt up! I really do not know how they do it, but every dish I have at Sanctum is so flavorful. If you’re a newbie veganish gal like me and dine here you truly would not miss eating animal products in any form.

  • Treating Yourself To Something New

I love shopping. Better yet, I love shopping and finding a great deal. A lot of stores are clearing out their winter goods and bringing in Spring fashions. So you know what that means? SALES GALORE! I found my hat on clearance for $2 at a Cracker Barrel. Although it’s from a previous season, it’s a great transition piece. Cracker Barrel is a popular restaurant chain, mostly found in the south, that also sells home goods and clothing. Updating your wardrobe this season shouldn’t have to break the bank. My dress was a steal from a Goodwill in Miami.

What are some happiness tips that you will bring into the Spring season?

Shared in Happiness,


P.S. I can be super awkward when taking pictures but special thanks to my friend for being patient and taking these. I wish you the sun, the moon, and the stars!
You know who you are💛

2 thoughts on “Blooming Into Spring: 3 Things That Make Me Happy About The Spring

  1. It’s always interesting… reading your/ her topics! When is the book coming out…? 😜 Hope I’m not putting you under pressure… anyway, I’ll keep reading…while you keep writing! Compliments of the day to you Krissy j… 👍😜

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