So let’s imagine it’s months before one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day, and you realize you truly don’t want to wear your mother’s thirty year old bridal gown anymore.  Your soon to be mother-in-law backed out of the offer to manage floral arrangements because you don’t want to go with her choice of Creeping Periwinkle flowers. To make things worst, your soon to be partner isn’t well with planning, so you’re pretty much on your own.


You also work full-time and have no idea where to begin preparing for your big day. Not to mention, your guest list includes all 57 cousins on your Dad’s side in addition to over 123 more guest. Girlfriend, this is when you hold it together and call Latoya Chambliss CEO of Blissful Consulting Services Inc. Latoya started her entrepreneurial journey in High School by incorporating positive affirmations and visualizations. She says, “my ideas would come consistently in my daydreams and I always envisioned myself as a boss.”

In addition to Wedding Day Management, Latoya provides blissful client services in Public Relations, Marketing, Event Activation, Brand Development, and Social Media Management. She also serves as a mentor providing motivation to women. In her words she is “leveraging off of each opportunity that comes her way” and creating blissful memories in the process.

Check out our spotlight interview with Latoya Chambliss below!

img_5125-1Name: Latoya Chambliss, “Toya” or “Bliss”

Location: Atlanta, GA

Social Media: Personal Instagram Page , Company Page,  and via Twitter @Ldotbliss  & @bcs_bliss.

Kristen: Right now I am really enjoying…

Latoya: …relearning Toya, reading, and finding my voice again.

Kristen: Fun Fact?

Latoya: I love to dance and can impersonate others really, really, well! Dancing comes second nature to me. Let me catch the beat and it’s a WRAP! (Laughs)

Kristen: What does ‘Bliss’ mean to you?

Latoya: Bliss to me is the ultimate feeling of joy or happiness. I believe finding bliss in everything we do, or aspire to do, is the ultimate reward. These days if it doesn’t make me happy, I’m just not into it! (Laughs)

Kristen: So, tell us about your business…

Latoya: I’m the owner of Bliss Consulting Services, Inc. (BCS). The company was founded to offer professional and creative services that result in blissful experiences. BCS specializes in public relations and marketing, event activation, brand development, social media management and wedding day management. The company isn’t just focused on Public Relations; we also focus on event planning and strategic event activation to increase exposure for brands– not to mention our unique wedding day management services.

Kristen: When did you know that you wanted to start your own business?

Latoya: I knew I wanted to start my own business in high school. As a Gemini (yes I have two sides), we are creative and it’s hard to hold our attention for long. My ideas would come consistently in my daydreams and I always envisioned myself as a boss. After working for others, I learned that I’ve always been a leader and that I can run my own company.


Kristen: Tell us about your team and what each associate does?

Latoya: My team consists of a mix of intelligent and beautiful black women:

  • Christina Williams the wedding management coordinator. She contributes heavily to the wedding department. She books consultations helps to develop wedding timelines and industry research.
  • Celeste Stephens is an account executive and she assists with day-to-day account needs, client research, assist with asset development, and keeps the client accounts up to date.
  • Alexis Kenon is an account coordinator and she also assists with day-to-day account needs, client research, asset development and keeping client accounts up to date.
  • Nakita Gibbs is an event specialist who leads special event management.

Kristen: How do you all prioritize on projects?

Latoya: My company operates off deadlines. With each client and project I prioritize according to importance for the clients. At any time I could be doing high priority client work for multiple clients. I’m big on creating processes to help manage my workflow and each day I prioritize my workload according to the deadline.

Kristen: How does living in Atlanta shape the momentum of your business?

Latoya: Atlanta is the freaking mecca of black business, especially in tech, music, and film. While there are many saturated markets, there are so many opportunities to advance in business. The relationships that I’ve made turned into more opportunities for my company. The city is thriving and I’m leveraging off each and every opportunity!

Kristen: What advice would you give to an aspiring publicist?

Latoya: I would tell aspiring publicists to first be themselves. NO ONE CAN DO YOU LIKE YOU! Take each opportunity and learn from it. Also, be able to lead and assist. Never give up because there is money to be made. Lastly, don’t ever be so eager to take on a client that it costs you to lose your morals.

Kristen: What projects are you looking forward to the most? 

Latoya: I’m looking forward to putting together a dope event at my Alma Mater, Theeeeee Florida A&M University (FAMU) for my old undergrad PR program. I’m excited about a huge opportunity that I’m working on with a huge corporation that has the potential to catapult my career beyond the next level. I’m also excited about seeing the growth in my current client projects with Ms. Ivy Box, Playhrdtrainhrd, FreeWishes, my wedding couples, and Coinsetters.

Kristen: Who inspires you?

Latoya: My Mother, Godmother, and village. My mother raised 3 beautiful children by herself and I don’t know how the hell I can ever repay her. I strive to be as great as she is one day! My Goddy is my other rock and has taught me so much about being good to others and paying it forward. My village consists of the dopest queens and kings. I have a praying ass grandma that I absolutely adore, aunties that will give me “that real” and take a shot with me right after. I have sister friends who support me and lift me up…all the while understanding the wild person I can be when an Uncle Luke song comes on! (Laughs) I’m blessed with some amazingly inspiring people in my life.

Kristen: Quote to live by?

Latoya: “Once you are aware, you become responsible.”

LBliss3Kristen: What are you most proud of?

Latoya: I am most proud of being a light and mentor to so many women. Over the years I’ve coached hundreds of young women who changed my life for the better. They taught me so much about me. The fact that I got to pour into them, teach them through my experiences, and love on them connected us for life. These women have gone on to be amazing scholars, nurses, lawyers, mothers, educators, mentors and so much more. I’m not a mother yet, but if the fulfillment I get from coaching women feels anything close to being a Mom, I’m sooo ready for motherhood.

Kristen: Tell us something we don’t know about you…

Latoya: I created an organization called #WhenQueensLinkUp for women to gather talk about things, laugh, cry, and support one another. The special thing about it is that these are random meetups, with random women, from all walks of life. We pick a location, meet up and go in!  The overwhelming support of both women that don’t know you, and women that do know you, feels so good.

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14 thoughts on “Meet Latoya Chambliss: The CEO Providing Blissful Solutions To Clients

  1. I don’t think I could be more proud of Toya (my Tunie). She is truly the epitome of joy, happiness and sheer bliss. You can’t be in the same space and not be positively affected by her infectious spirit. Keep pushing. Keep rising. Keep doing that Blissful Sh*t that make you you. I can only imagine what’s next. ♡♡♡

    1. Leeeeeeeee Leeeee! I love you and thank God for you! You’ve taught me so much about life and myself! Thanks for being a great inspiration ❤

  2. Go fraaaaaaaaaan!!!! I’m so proud of you!! Keep shooting for the stars!! You rock!! Love u babe!

    1. Reeeeee!!! Love you frannnnn!!! Thanks for supporting and believing in me. #rodeyclique

  3. I am so proud of you Toya! Beauty and brains not to mention that small frame with a loud voice to be heard! Keep moving forward and be great! Love you dearly, Auntie Winn!

  4. Toooooyyyaaaaa!!! Congratulations to a REAL Boss from the 850. I love you so much and thank you for all you’ve done for me, like the love, guidance, wisdom, grace, and of course the BLISS bih🙊 Continue being a realist because as always the shine is REAL😘

  5. Great article and love the celebration of black women doing phenomenal things!! 😉😉

    1. Great article and love the celebration of black women doing phenomenal things!! 😉😉

  6. What a great read! It is so improtant to highlight our Queens! Toya is an amazing women and the right person to go to when you need the job done! So proud of you and the excellence you are doing!💜

  7. Hi my beautiful queen. I am so proud of you. I pray for you. You always, my prayer is that God continue to give you inspite but most of all to use your business to do the will of God. You are doing such a great job. I grateful to be apart of the village because and grateful to God to bare witness of the fruit it is bringing forth. May God blessings continue to fall upon you and you continue to look to the hills from which your help come from. Love Always , Auntie Pam.

  8. Toya big CONGRATULATIONS on well you are doing and how much further you will go…To God be the Glory…you made your dreams a REALITY…love you!!!

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