Control What You Can…

Kris JohnsonSo, today a member on my team had the biggest meltdown because another teacher on the team didn’t do their job…

Like, she was furious and went on a rant for 10 minutes or so about how people need to do their job. Other teachers joined in with the “yeahs!!” in agreement.

They spent ten minutes complaining. Ten minutes that I, nor anyone else on the team will get back… ever.

The teacher complaining had no idea why the other team member couldn’t do her job… or even why the other teacher chose not to, but she spent her time wallowing on how awful it is when people don’t do their part…


This amplified the lesson that revisits me ever so often…


My dear sister said words ever so similar to me this weekend. I was whining about something that didn’t sit well with me.

In reflection, I am learning to make peace with the truth of how important it is to protect MY peace. I CAN ONLY DO MY PART… the rest is up to the other individual, or outcome, to show up.

Was I affected by the teacher not doing her work? Yeah, but I used my time instead to create meaningful connections with my students. We drew pictures and spoke about plants. Things I actually enjoy. Things they enjoyed. Things that I’m sure they will remember in this age of forced digital learning and physical distancing.

AND– you know what? The day turned out to be a WIN…

Listen up loves, we can’t control other people…ever. It doesn’t matter how kind, responsible, loving, determined, accountable or even prepared you might be.

AND–you know what too? That sometimes is a harsh reality.

TRUST YOUR PROCESS or figure out a new one if need be…

Trust that the universe has your back…and everything is going to be OK.

It’s been a while but my hope is that whoever reads this is safe, approaching each day with meaning, mindfulness and meditation. Be well.

Shared in Love,

Kris Johnson


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