Strive for Greater

One thing that I have incorporated into my success journey is starting my day with motivation.  Whether it's flipping through Psalms or watching an inspirational video, I feel like the first thing heard or read in the morning tremendously can impact my day. Today, I had the privilege to start my day off with Oprah's Life-class … Continue reading Strive for Greater

“Funky On The Scene” Krissy as Monae

I can't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. In my household I wasn't allowed to dress up or participate in trick or treating. If my local church had a "Fall Festival" I'd attend...but that was as far as it went for me. I never felt left out nor did participating matter because … Continue reading “Funky On The Scene” Krissy as Monae

Summery Skin

  By Krissy J, Two natural products I started to use are shea butter and lemon grass black soap.  I remember as an undergrad my roommates, both African natives had absolutely flawless skin.  Their secret was using raw Shea butter.  Shea butter is said to be good for dry& blemished skin.  It is also … Continue reading Summery Skin

Are you on the Natural Bandwagon?

By Lauryn Huggins,   Something great is happening within the African American community, and it is happening specifically to African American women. Thanks to websites like and, the transformation of beauty in the African American community has suddenly changed. Long gone are the days where we would sit in hair salons for seven hours getting … Continue reading Are you on the Natural Bandwagon?