Talk alot…Nonverbally.

I grew up hearing you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. My daddy had several pairs. There was never a scuff or dent in his shoes. Now when I look at men, I find it hard to not look at their shoes first. Is that shallow of me? If you come … Continue reading Talk alot…Nonverbally.

Flashing Lights

So here he goes again, looking ever so dapper while posing for the Spring collection of Bathing Ape. I have a question for you ladies...and MEN! I was recently talking to a close friend, lets call her Jane. Jane, was talking to a guy for a few months met him at a local gym, he … Continue reading Flashing Lights

Oh no she didn’t

So I'm currently at school YAY!But I had to note on this one chick, she made a terrible fashion don't...LADIES THIS LOOK IS DONE!I didn't comment, because you could tell that she thought she looked really nice :/I did however tell her about my blogspotand she wrote it down to read itYIKES!