Shop Favs at JCP

Remember the annoying JCPenny commercial with women screaming at the abundance of coupons pouring from their mailbox?  It took me a while to understand the commericial but once I got it, the concept of  the commercial made perfect sense and I actually went to shop at JCP. Rather than having coupons to get consumers to make purchases the company … Continue reading Shop Favs at JCP

So you think you can…blog?

In case you were wondering why some post on HerTopic are ending with different names other than my own, it is because I have a great new team of contributing bloggers.  Each blogger will bring their own twist to the site and collectively our voices provide post I am sure you'll enjoy! So, I wanted to … Continue reading So you think you can…blog?

Sweet Fashionista: Delmy Rivera- “HerStyle is Divabulous” Feature

Her style will literally drive you bananas. It's quirky, sweet, sophisticated, and everything in between. Fashion blogger Delmy Rivera, of, caught my attention a few years ago when I became enchanted with the blog world. Looks familiar? Well, she should. Delmy's been featured in prominent fashion sources such as Lucky Magazine, MTV Style, and … Continue reading Sweet Fashionista: Delmy Rivera- “HerStyle is Divabulous” Feature


No really! That is the name of this line of clothing. According to the designers POPOMOMO stands for post-postmodern movement. The 2010 collection was inspired by the avant-garde art movement in Russia.I found this line from a Google ad that was placed on my blog. I already see a dress that I want from them. … Continue reading PoPoMoMO