Me Time= Tea Time

By Krissy J., With the start of the new year I began to get more in tune with my health.  While I am by no means a health freak, I did begin to get really enthused about natural products.  By this i mean, if i can go into my garden or local  farmers market … Continue reading Me Time= Tea Time


Inspire Me

I love wearing flowers...on jackets, dresses, added to a plain white t, in my hair...future tattoo (maybe) LOL! I just love um. I get a lot of my style inspiration from the Jazz and Harlem Renaissance eras. Billie Holiday was known for almost always rocking a flower. It's so feminine. I love it. Follow my … Continue reading Inspire Me

knock knock

Whose there? Beyonce... Beyonce who? That bad mamajamma you wish you could be for a day LOL I couldn't think of a riddle but this side of Beyonce ain't no joke. I love it...Every Diva has a rebellious side. Check out her new look for a Dereon photo shoot.