Student, Model, PR company founder and blogger Ashleigh Fitzwilliam, of NYC caught up with me last-night to inform me on her endeavors in the "Big Apple." She has a lot on her plates right now but plans to devour them all. Her most recent event was a Fashion Show at the Dole Center in Westchester, … Continue reading Grinding!

Give me MORE!!!

America's Next Top Model Isis KingUniversity of South Florida students were given a little reality celeb action today. Isis King came and told students her story about her childhood and challenges she has faced so far with being a "trans." Nonetheless, she makes it clear that she is all WOMAN. Those of you that pay … Continue reading Give me MORE!!!

Oh Snap!

If you're partying, you better come correct because you never know what photographer is going to be there. Savannah, Georgia native, a photographer known as "Oh Snap Kid" has an artistic talent. HE travels from coast to coast snapping the livest events in your city...How wouldn't want a career like that??? Name: some people call … Continue reading Oh Snap!


Cool Set of entrepreneurs in in Dallas. Making moves, designing fitted caps, t-shirts, and making tracks...Check out Key City Crew. Get to know ummm check out their blog and add their myspace...A must know! Name: Jon of Key City Talent: Clothing Designer...Sort of hahaha Hometown:Dallas TX Age:24 Website: Key City Crew KrissyJ: Favorite color? Jon: … Continue reading KEY CITY

"Slap ya Engineer"

LOL!!! I love these dudes! Straight out of Chi Town, got verses for days. Tracks are crazy. A must know group. Ko*Starz are taking over!! <img src="; Name: Ko*Starz Talent: Music Artists Hometown: Chicago Age: 20's Website:Ko*Starz OFFICIAL SITE KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant? Ko*Starz: Buca Di Beppo (Italian) KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop? Ko*Starz: Thrift Store … Continue reading "Slap ya Engineer"