It was kinda hot today so I ventured off to Sonic the fast food resturant. Sonic is known for their variety in slushes, and ice cream desserts. I got a slush.For less than $2 you can get this ginormous drink to cool you down on those HOT Florida days. I purchased this in the afternoon, … Continue reading Sonic



BJ's resturant continues to be my families go to spot for birthday celebrations...this time we celebrated the 9th birthday of my nephew Shadoe! My mother always gets the Grilled Chicken Pasta. A yummy healthy dinner with a glass of strawberry lemonade its just under 15 bucks!!!


While interning this summer at 407 Oasis Magazine I got special incite to Central Florida's best restaurants, boutiques, salons, shows etc. Oasis Mag will be having web based shows really soon just to give you all seek peeks and reviews of everywhere we go and everything we do. Pom Pom's Tea house is one of … Continue reading Yummy

Half full? Half Empty?

After the car show I dined at Celebrations Town Tavern and had their best burger. The Tavern burger… It was BANGIN! You have to go there for that, they also have a great sea food selection, great service, and excellent choice of dessert. $10