I love interviewing talented individuals.  I believe everyone has a story to tell and through networking I find talents that I feel should be given a spotlight on HerTopic.  Some of the individuals on this page were interviewed on my former blog KrissyJohnson.com.

 I believe each individual I interview is an artist in their own unique way and I admire their talent. If you’d like to feature your talent or business contact me for your spotlight.

              By clicking on a name you will be able to read a select interview of your choice.

Latoya Chambliss (Coming Soon)- CEO of Blissful Consulting Services Inc.
 Niqua Jeanette- Thrift My Fashion CEO
 Amber Williams- Make Up Artist and Painter
Ivy Box- Reality TV Star and Motivational Coach
Luz Garcia- Owner of L&A Selfies 
Alex Auguste- GoodKnocking Entertainment Group
Ashley Williams- LionsRoam 
Yisel Tedeja- Central Florida News Reporter
Delmy Rivera -Fashion Bananas.com
Jahron B. – Musician
Kidd Russell- Musician
Jay-Soul- Musician
Oh Snap Photography 
Key City Clothing
Rich Smith (Limelyte)- Musician 
Kaspaa- Model
Ko*Starz- Music Artist
Weapons of Audio (formally “Futureshock”)- Musicians 
Resun- Musician
The Common Wealth Family- Musicians/ Producers
Kydd- Rapper
Jane Bang!- Musician/ “Fashionality”
Tough Love NYC Clothing 
Get Infamous Apparel 
Muffy- Musician
Tiffany Bender- Stylist/ Publicist
Wasted Talent- Clothing/ Toy Designers
Terell King- Musician/ Vocal Producer
Tokyo Diiva- Entertainer/ Fashionista
Jahron Butler- T-Shirt Designer

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