I love interviewing talented individuals.  I believe everyone has a story to tell and through social networking I find talents that I feel should be given a spotlight on Her Topic.  Some of the individuals on this page were interviewed on my former blog KrissyJohnson.com.  Some people listed below are fashion designers, photographers, musicians, dancers or writers.  Either way, I truly I believe each individual I interview is an artist in their own unique ways and I admire their talent.

              By clicking on a name you will be able to read a select interview of your choice.

Ashley Williams- LionsRoam 

Yisel Tedeja- Central Florida News Reporter

Delmy Rivera -Fashion Bananas.com

Jahron B. – Musician

Kidd Russell- Musician

Jay-Soul- Musician

Oh Snap Photography 

Key City Clothing

Rich Smith (Limelyte)- Musician 

Kaspaa- Model

Ko*Starz- Music Artist

Weapons of Audio (formally “Futureshock”)- Musicians 

Resun- Musician

The Common Wealth Family- Musicians/ Producers

Kydd- Rapper

Jane Bang!- Musician/ “Fashionality”

Tough Love NYC Clothing 

Get Infamous Apparel 

Muffy- Musician

Tiffany Bender- Stylist/ Publicist

Wasted Talent- Clothing/ Toy Designers

Terell King- Musician/ Vocal Producer

Tokyo Diiva- Entertainer/ Fashionista

Jahron Butler- T-Shirt Designer


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