When Life Hits The Fan

It finally hit me…Life is what you make it. There is no other way to put it. There is no guru to bring forth your desires. As helpful as they may be, all of the life coaches in the world cannot gift you with your destiny. There is no magic ball to answer the questions … Continue reading When Life Hits The Fan


I Reminisce: Summer Memories and AfroPunk 2013

Dear Summer: Thanks for an epic ending… I moved to Central Florida seven Summers ago.  We have the beaches, Cinderella’s castle, great resorts and all that good stuff.  Yet, sometimes all I want in the Summer months is to be able to walk down the block to the bodega to purchase my stash of Swedish Fish, … Continue reading I Reminisce: Summer Memories and AfroPunk 2013

VH1’s Do Something Awards

Last night VH1 viewers had the opportunity to watch the Do Something Awards show.  This two-hour special, hosted by Sophia Bush, honored both celebrities and non-celebrities that place efforts into creating social change.  Some of the celebrities honored included Jennifer Hudson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Kelly Osbourne. Lyricist J. Cole, also an agent for social … Continue reading VH1’s Do Something Awards