Strive for Greater

One thing that I have incorporated into my success journey is starting my day with motivation.  Whether it's flipping through Psalms or watching an inspirational video, I feel like the first thing heard or read in the morning tremendously can impact my day. Today, I had the privilege to start my day off with Oprah's Life-class … Continue reading Strive for Greater

“Think Like a Man”

By Krissy J., I have never heard a song so real.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you associate a song with a face.  Well...let me tell you...the face of this one brotha I know was all up in my head while listening to Ne-yo's part.  Take a look at Ne-yo's … Continue reading “Think Like a Man”

Relationship Revelations: Valentines Day Edition From JuggyFresh

Today is the special Valentine’s Day Edition for my segment, so I’ll try to keep this one short and deep, like an "Olympic sized" pool in the ghetto.  Krissy J, has allowed me to contribute to you fine, lovely young ladies of the world, and I’m here to offer thoughts on relationships. After family and … Continue reading Relationship Revelations: Valentines Day Edition From JuggyFresh