“Giver” or “Taker” which one are you?

Over the years the desire to give to others became natural for me.  I've always been an appreciative person; and I still am.  Since I don't have younger siblings I often gave friends or peers the kind of support I receive from my immediate family.  (By "giving" I mean anything from financial support if I … Continue reading “Giver” or “Taker” which one are you?


Are you on the Natural Bandwagon?

By Lauryn Huggins, HerTopic.com   Something great is happening within the African American community, and it is happening specifically to African American women. Thanks to websites like curlynikki.com and napppturality.com, the transformation of beauty in the African American community has suddenly changed. Long gone are the days where we would sit in hair salons for seven hours getting … Continue reading Are you on the Natural Bandwagon?